Valley Daffodils in That’s Life Magazine!

Valley Daffodils in That’s Life Magazine!

You’re a Star – Valley of dreams


As I held my four-year old grandson Zack’s hand, he suddenly ran towards the doors.

“Slow down!” I laughed as he hugged his friends.

You see, Zack had non-verbal autism, which meant he could only speak a few words.

He struggled to interact with kids his age, so his mum Katie and I were so glad when we spotted Valley Daffodils on Facebook.

The group had been set up by Ceri mum to Tomos, 18, who had Down’s syndrome. It gave children with learning difficulties a chance to socialise. I loved seeing the kid’s eyes light up whenever they went on trips like going fishing, trampolining or bowling.

So many families depended on the group and Ceri did it all voluntarily. Parents and grandparents organised bake sales and raffles to help fundraise, so the centre could keep on running.

Now Ceri’s aim is for the Valley Daffodils to become a registered charity. She’s amazing and does so much for those children – I can’t thank her enough. I just hope we can help her keep Valley Daffodils as a sanctuary for Zack, Tomos and all the families who rely on it.

Deborah Lloyd from Caerphilly.